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Business Property/Assets Insurance

Not all businesses are the same. In fact, there is no other quite like yours. While this makes you successful, you may face unique challenges that impact your risk of an accident, damage, or other loss. That is why a trusted insurance advisor is important to make sure your livelihood is properly protected.

A commercial insurance program gives you the coverage that is needed to keep your business secure. In fact, we work to find the right provider and develop a policy that cares for virtually every aspect of your business. There are various insurance policies that make it possible for you to protect your business assets.

We can find insurance solutions for many types of business, and we’re proud to specialize in:

  • Fire insurance
  • Political violence terrorism and sabotage insurance
  • Computer and electronic equipment insurance
  • Fidelity guarantee insurance
  • Machinery break down insurance
  • Machinery break down loss of profits insurance
  • Contractors all risks insurance
  • Goods in transit insurance
  • Product liability insurance
  • Money insurance
  • Public liability insurance

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Performance Bond and Contractual all risk.

Bonds or financial guarantees are important tools for risk mitigation. Bonds are a form of credit in insurance and if claimed, the insured will need to pay back like any other form of credit. It’s usually required by either a government or company as a guarantee that an action will be completed as needed.

Several types of bonds are available in the market depending on the circumstances and need. They include:

  • Performance Bond
  • Bid/Tender Bond
  • Custom Bond